Friday, October 19, 2018


This week New Hope and Highwater hosted their first open casting call in Olympia, WA! We were very encouraged with the turnout. We even found several candidates for our supporting cast. However not one person fit the profile for our beloved leading lady, Amy Stronghold. Bigger than life, street musician, in and out of jail her whole life, funny, loud, with a commanding presence and full of compassion, in her mid 40s.
Meet Denise Reed from Shreveport, LA! THE DELIVERANCE OF AMY STRONGHOLD is inspired by four different women's deliverance story but her character is inspired by Denise. We met Denise while developing another film in Louisiana for two years. We met her at the Homeless Shelter and watched Jesus deliver her from the streets to the pulpit! From a victim to the victor! From addicted to set free! She became apart of our family, not just for us to encourage her but for her to encourage us! Buy her book on Amazon and be lifted up!
After being so inspired by Denise, it's becoming more difficult than I thought to find an actress who can bring her to the big screen. My wife, April and I are dedicated to find a talented actress who can help us tell this powerful story of Biblical deliverance.

Here's how you can help us find Amy Stronghold as well as the rest of our supporting cast:

#1 Share our Facebook Event for our ONLINE AUDITIONS:

#2 Pray for wisdom as we cast!

#3 Share our Behind the Scenes episode on YouTube:

Thank You!


"The heart of a man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps." - Proverbs 16:9

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Monday, October 8, 2018


October 14th and 15th at 6 PM at New Hope Ministry Center in Olympia, WA - Highwater Entertainment will be hosting an open casting call for THE DELIVERANCE OF AMY STRONGHOLD! All actors please join us and invite your friends. Come audition and help us bring this powerful story to life. Bring your headshot, attached to your resume, and come prepared with a 60 second monologue of your choosing. You may also be asked to perform a cold read from the screenplay.

All available roles are listed at the Casting Call Event on our Highwater Movies Facebook Page.

After working in the film industry for 20 years it's time to make the leap into full time feature filmmaking. Already, experienced professionals are coming alongside me to produce this film and I am expectant to see the quality of performers who audition. Unfortunately, Christian films have gotten a bad reputation for cheesy performances. I believe the Christian film industry is still in its infancy. I believe we have barely scratched the surface of what a Christian film even is. As I have prayed and dreamed about my contribution to the film industry, I believe God's heart is to make a film that releases His Presence! If people have been healed by prayer clothes and the shadows of the apostles, why not a film? If a horror film can release the demonic and torment you with nightmares and fear, then a Christian film can release the presence of Jesus to heal, encourage and deliver you and fill you with peace.

No one sets out to make a cheesy film, Christian or Non. The actress who plays Amy Stronghold must be very talented indeed; as a woman raised on the streets, she is constantly beat down, yet never gives up! When she discovers what Kingdom deliverance actually is, she becomes unstoppable! I am excited to meet this amazing actress who can bring Amy to the big screen.

We have a large supporting cast both speaking, and non, as well as lots of extras. There really is a place for everyone and anyone who wants to support this project and is willing to show up and work hard!

We are making plans to be in production in mid January 2019! It's going to be fun meeting the acting community on Sunday and Monday. Thank you in advance for supporting this feature film project. It's going to take us all to bring this movie to the silver screen! Alright actors, get ready and don't worry, we'll be excited to see you!

"Casting all your anxieties on Him, because He cares for you!" - 1 Peter 5:7

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Thursday, September 27, 2018

Day 1 - Preproduction - THE DELIVERANCE OF AMY STRONGHOLD - Feature Film

Today I am setting out to create my first feature film, THE DELIVERANCE OF AMY STRONGHOLD.

In and out of jail her whole life, Crazy Amy Stronghold seems to be stuck in a rut as a homeless street musician, until her estranged daughter wants to reunite but not until she gets a real job and a house in suburbia. But when her daughter arrives unexpectedly, at her white-washed house, full of all her demonic strongholds, Amy must learn how to be set free from within before her daughter is lost to her forever.

Highwater Entertainment is the motion picture company of my wife, April and I. For the last 20 years I have been serving Christian ministries, businesses and other filmmakers as a videographer, editor, writer, director and producer. Today marks the beginning of a dream and call on my life to create movies with life, while empowering other artists to impact audiences all over the world.

I am in love with Jesus. He's my best friend and my inspiration as I create movies. You'll always find Him at the center of my work because He is the center of my life.

Deliverance has been stolen from the Church and used in Hollywood to create horrific films of exorcisms and fear. We are setting out on a filmmaking journey to take Deliverance back. Highwater has partnered with a beautiful church in Olympia, WA, New Hope Ministry Center, who has been doing Biblical Deliverance Ministry for the community for years. They have lead hundreds of people through deliverance and have truly been apart of setting people supernaturally free.

Finding the key is a special plot point in THE DELIVERANCE OF AMY STRONGHOLD. However, before this story can be told, we must find the key to make this feature film.

The Key that will open the door into production is people. People who believe in the vision of this project. People in the Church, and Cast and Crew in our community. If you would like to be a key member of the cast and crew of Amy Stronghold please contact me at

Day 1 Summary:

  • Building our all volunteer film crew
  • Gearing up with Lights, Camera and Action equipment to capture this amazing story
  • Preparing for our Open Casting Call in October!

Read more about New Hope's Movie Ministry at and give, with the note "Movie Ministry". Your gift is tax-deductible! And you can be the key to creating movies that set people free!

Get Ready!


Tuesday, May 8, 2018

New Hope launches Movie Ministry with Highwater Entertainment

New Hope Ministry Center of Olympia, WA announced to their congregation this week their intentions to launch a movie ministry with our family! New Hope has begun a capital campaign to raise a minimum of $120k to purchase film making equipment and provide a full time salary for the Himes family to create, The Deliverance of Amy Stronghold, a Christian narrative feature film showcasing a young woman’s journey from the county jail to Kingdom deliverance.
We are truly honored for this opportunity with New Hope. They have fully embraced our family, caught our vision for Christian filmmaking and are taking a leap of faith with us to answer our call to create movies with life!

Friends and family of the Himes family who have been following our journey and praying for us; if you would like to sow a seed into this project with New Hope here's how:

1. Mail a check to: New Hope Ministry Center 3726 Pacific Ave SE Suite B Olympia, WA 98501
Memo Note: Movie Ministry

2. Give Online:
Special Instruction Note: Movie Ministry

Donations are tax deductible and New Hope Ministries will provide a year-end giving statement.

Thank you!


Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Why Kickstarter All or Nothing?

Every time a door closes in front of me, I take a moment and mourn the lost opportunity. I then dust myself off and move forward. In my line of work this seems to be a weekly occurrence. It happens so often I actually look for ways to get rejected. Not necessarily me personally but my current film project. It has even become my weekly mantra. If I am not getting rejected once a week, I am not working hard enough. Because to get rejected you have to put yourself out there. You must become vulnerable. And there are few things more vulnerable than an artist's work. I am actually at a point where I've lost every worldly possession and security trying to be obedient to my call to make movies with life, where I can take it on the chin every other day and keep moving forward. Only because Jesus has fortified the things that really matter, my marriage and my children. They continue to thrive.

So when I missed the cut from Semi-Finalist to Finalist for the Kairos Prize, I mourned for a half day and then thought of my next step, that would completely fill me with fear, yet be faith filled.

Kickstarter - "All or Nothing" Campaign

For my next step, I wanted to do something that was impossible. A Kickstarter campaign requires a fan base of over 30,000 people. I don't have that. I also wanted an "All or Nothing". I didn't want to raise 5k among my Facebook friends and have to figure out how to make another no-budget film. So, we raise 2 million, or all pledges are returned. For the last ten years I have been serving on film projects in the 1-5 million budget range. So for 2 million I know our crew can make a beautiful film and we can cast it with experienced actors. I am already learning a lot preparing for the campaign. This week is the Pre-launch among friends who already follow me. Check out my Kickstarter page. I need your feedback. Do you like what you see? Is the information clear? Was anything missed? And if you could commit $1 or more when we go live February 1, 2018 we'll be rolling!  I chose a 21 day campaign because February 21st is my 40th birthday! So it's either going to be the best birthday of my life as I exit the wilderness and enter my promised land or another opportunity to kick defeat in the teeth and take another step of faith forward. Because I believe if God is for me, who can be against me.

Will you be one of my first backers on February 1st? On February 2nd we launch our marketing campaign to attempt to reach over 8 million fans of Christian films all over the world. This freaks me out but also fills me up with faith. Another way you can help is to contribute to our advertising budget, just reach out at

Check out our teaser for Illuminate, featuring music by Bethel's Steffany Gretzinger! And pray! Pray for God to do a wonder as we step out in faith, so all may experience the Father's Light!

Monday, December 4, 2017

Expecting Miracles in Filmmaking

The Himes family is back in the great northwest to make movies with life!  Where did we land exactly when we left Louisiana in June, you may ask?
For the rest of the summer we lived in the country on five acres in Scholls, in Oregon's Wine Country just outside of Portland in my friend's guest house. April worked on her book and I wrote a new screenplay called, Illuminate. And the girls played outside all summer!

In September we were invited to house-sit a lake house in Olympia, WA for the month, where the girls had homeschool in a row boat and I produced a teaser to cast vision for Illuminate!
While visiting friends in Olympia we shared our intent to settle in Portland. To our surprise, we were given another house right here in Olympia, WA! Our journey began here two years ago after losing our home and has come full circle.
As you can see we are experiencing miracles in our housing again and again. This has been a humbling journey in which we haven't been able to choose where we live, but it has been rewarding as we've experienced God's inheritance and goodness here on earth and it's amazing! It took losing a house, while trying to answer the call to make movies with life, to experience miracle housing through people we never would have suspected would give to us so generously. To be clear we never ask for these housing opportunities, they seem to seek us out. This first week of December last year Perfect Swing died when we lost our investment. I am learning it takes a death to have a resurrection. Therefore our family is very expectant to enter into miracles in our filmmaking! We are believing for Illuminate and Perfect Swing to be fully funded and in production with double the impact! We desire our films to empower film crews by providing work and opportunity for their families as well as these films impacting audiences through the power of the Holy Spirit using story to inspire, teach and heal. 

Will you expect with us for miracles in our filmmaking? Illuminate is already an award winning screenplay, honored at the Christian Film Festival last month and is currently a Semi-Finalist for the 2018 Kairos Prize.  Learn more about this exciting feature film at
Watch the Behind the Scenes of the making of the teaser right here produced by Matt Derksen: 

Thank you for your prayers, love and support as we try and navigate this mysterious call from Jesus Christ to Create Movies with Life! I am learning not to worry about reaching the destination but about enjoying who I am journeying with...Jesus and my girls.


This week New Hope and Highwater hosted their first open casting call in Olympia, WA! We were very encouraged with the turnout. We even f...