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New Hope launches Movie Ministry with Highwater Entertainment

New Hope Ministry Center of Olympia, WA announced to their congregation this week their intentions to launch a movie ministry with our family! New Hope has begun a capital campaign to raise a minimum of $120k to purchase film making equipment and provide a full time salary for the Himes family to create, The Deliverance of Amy Stronghold, a Christian narrative feature film showcasing a young woman’s journey from the county jail to Kingdom deliverance.
We are truly honored for this opportunity with New Hope. They have fully embraced our family, caught our vision for Christian filmmaking and are taking a leap of faith with us to answer our call to create movies with life!

Friends and family of the Himes family who have been following our journey and praying for us; if you would like to sow a seed into this project with New Hope here's how:

1. Mail a check to: New Hope Ministry Center 3726 Pacific Ave SE Suite B Olympia, WA 98501
Memo Note: Movie Ministry

2. Give Online: http://www.n…

Why Kickstarter All or Nothing?

Every time a door closes in front of me, I take a moment and mourn the lost opportunity. I then dust myself off and move forward. In my line of work this seems to be a weekly occurrence. It happens so often I actually look for ways to get rejected. Not necessarily me personally but my current film project. It has even become my weekly mantra. If I am not getting rejected once a week, I am not working hard enough. Because to get rejected you have to put yourself out there. You must become vulnerable. And there are few things more vulnerable than an artist's work. I am actually at a point where I've lost every worldly possession and security trying to be obedient to my call to make movies with life, where I can take it on the chin every other day and keep moving forward. Only because Jesus has fortified the things that really matter, my marriage and my children. They continue to thrive.

So when I missed the cut from Semi-Finalist to Finalist for the Kairos Prize, I mourned for …