Monday, December 4, 2017

Expecting Miracles in Filmmaking

The Himes family is back in the great northwest to make movies with life!  Where did we land exactly when we left Louisiana in June, you may ask?
For the rest of the summer we lived in the country on five acres in Scholls, in Oregon's Wine Country just outside of Portland in my friend's guest house. April worked on her book and I wrote a new screenplay called, Illuminate. And the girls played outside all summer!

In September we were invited to house-sit a lake house in Olympia, WA for the month, where the girls had homeschool in a row boat and I produced a teaser to cast vision for Illuminate!
While visiting friends in Olympia we shared our intent to settle in Portland. To our surprise, we were given another house right here in Olympia, WA! Our journey began here two years ago after losing our home and has come full circle.
As you can see we are experiencing miracles in our housing again and again. This has been a humbling journey in which we haven't been able to choose where we live, but it has been rewarding as we've experienced God's inheritance and goodness here on earth and it's amazing! It took losing a house, while trying to answer the call to make movies with life, to experience miracle housing through people we never would have suspected would give to us so generously. To be clear we never ask for these housing opportunities, they seem to seek us out. This first week of December last year Perfect Swing died when we lost our investment. I am learning it takes a death to have a resurrection. Therefore our family is very expectant to enter into miracles in our filmmaking! We are believing for Illuminate and Perfect Swing to be fully funded and in production with double the impact! We desire our films to empower film crews by providing work and opportunity for their families as well as these films impacting audiences through the power of the Holy Spirit using story to inspire, teach and heal. 

Will you expect with us for miracles in our filmmaking? Illuminate is already an award winning screenplay, honored at the Christian Film Festival last month and is currently a Semi-Finalist for the 2018 Kairos Prize.  Learn more about this exciting feature film at
Watch the Behind the Scenes of the making of the teaser right here produced by Matt Derksen: 

Thank you for your prayers, love and support as we try and navigate this mysterious call from Jesus Christ to Create Movies with Life! I am learning not to worry about reaching the destination but about enjoying who I am journeying with...Jesus and my girls.

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